U.S. Investigators Demand Info From George Santos As Scrutiny Intensifies


The federal agency known as the Federal Election Commission (FEC) is pushing the campaign of George Santos, the controversial first-term GOP Congressman from New York, for action amid a continued lack of a new treasurer, at least as of several days ago.

Nancy Marks, the former treasurer for the Santos campaign, recently resigned, and although the Santos camp submitted docs claiming a man named Thomas Datwyler would be taking on the role, he subsequently indicated he hadn’t actually accepted the spot, and his lawyer asked for an investigation over the filing claiming something to the contrary. (Evidently, Datwyler wasn’t just some random guy targeted by the Santos team. Reports rather indicated that Santos himself sought Datwyler’s help with the campaign’s finances, but again, he didn’t accept.) The new letter from the FEC is addressed to Santos himself. Santos is already facing investigations from a whole list of other authorities, including the Justice Department and local prosecutors on Long Island amid questions like the origin of massive loans, originally claimed as personal, that he provided his campaign and his potential theft of thousands of dollars raised on behalf of a veteran whose sick dog was dying.

“It is required that for any committee to conduct any business, they must have an active treasurer,” the FEC’s letter, dated Tuesday, says. “Failure to appoint a treasurer will result in the inability of the committee to accept contributions and make disbursements.” Santos already might be on his way out of Congress, at least at the end of his current term, considering a Newsday poll that found almost 80 percent of his constituents supported the idea of him resigning… so, yeah. That doesn’t exactly sound like a broad base of support left after revelations about Santos evidently lying about everything from having grandparents who survived the Holocaust to having two knee replacement surgeries in connection to a stint as a volleyball player at a college he didn’t even attend. Available info indicates his grandparents weren’t even born in Europe. As for the issue with the lack of an established treasurer for the Santos campaign, a note on the FEC letter says a response is due March 21.