Jan. 6 Investigator Goes After Fox For Empowering Possible Terrorists


Any terrorists who want to attack Congress, the heart of the United States government, could potentially follow the map Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) handed to Fox’s Tucker Carlson. Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) appeared on MSNBC Sunday with the harsh take.

McCarthy acted in line with the wishes of the ultra-Right members of the House, NPR reported. He handed the Fox host 44,000 hours of security videos, and the conspiracy theorists at Fox also have the Select Committee’s findings regarding the failed coup attempt.

Carlson has long favored strong authoritarian leaders. Rupert Murdoch’s highly grossing man called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy “an instrument of total destruction.” And under Russian President Vladimir Putin, state outlets in Russia have used some of the talking head’s clips.

When the Republicans took the House, one of their first moves was to remove the metal detectors. That allowed any member of Congress to carry guns onto the House floor. And the GOP’s actions only became worse. Lofgren said:

‘I have a concern… There are things in the tapes that we did not release at the request of the Capitol Police because they would endanger the security of the Capitol. If [Tucker] Carlson has been given, as he described, unfettered access, and is prepared to use the material without regard to the security issues, that would be a problem.’

The California Democrat continued:

‘Obviously, Jan. 6th were Trump supporters trying to overturn the government. But we have threats from international terrorism, as well. I think ISIS would love to know where the cameras are located and where the gaps are.’

Lofgren said that, of course, much of the other media have demanded that they be provided the materials as well, as NBC noted. And the other media outlets must measure how unfairly the talking head presents information about January 6:

‘On the other hand, the security issues remain. It’s not as if the Jan. 6 Committee withheld important elements of the video. We did not, however, release the video of the Speaker’s Lobby as the mob tried to break in because of security for the officers.’

Lofgren predicted Carlson will edit the tapes to his advantage:

‘Also, members, including me, were being evacuated at the other end of the hallway — not a very big room. But, what we delivered to the American people is a fair representation of what happened. I think a lot of us believe that Carlson will selectively edit to try and present a false narrative. He has been delivering a false narrative about Jan. 6th throughout. Providing sensitive material to others would not solve that problem.’

Dominion sued Fox for $1.6 billion, alleging they broadcast knowingly fake news about the voting machine corporation. Check out Lofgren’s MSNBC interview below:

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