GOP Break-Up With Tucker Carlson & Other Liars Pushed By Kinzinger


Adam Kinzinger, the former Republican Congressman from Illinois who when in office helped lead some of the charge against lies from Donald Trump and others about the integrity of the 2020 presidential election, is among those evidently concerned about the spread of deceptive nonsense from Fox News.

Tucker Carlson, unsurprisingly, is still at it. No matter the nearly breathless energy with which it seems many on the Right have been eager to deceptively tie Biden to isolated instances of violence during protests for racial justice — violence from which he repeatedly and unequivocally distanced himself, many seem eager to embrace the cause of the Capitol rioters. Those who stormed the Capitol at times savagely brutalized police, bringing cops close to death over and over as the mob attacked with implements both prepared and improvised. And Carlson is mad, it seems, about some accountability for some of those who had a part in this. He complained during a new episode of his Fox show about the Justice Department potentially going after up to 1,000 additional participants in January 6 — who he characterized, in brazenly deceptive terms, as “nonviolent” en masse.

“Well, did they break the law?” Kinzinger replied. “Many of these plead guilty and were found guilty. But ya you’re the victim as always. A movement of “strength” sure seems to be filled with weak victims. Republicans, quit [letting] these performance artists destroy your lives.” Kinzinger, of course, helped investigate the Capitol riot and what led up to it as a member of the January 6 committee in the House. It’s a remarkably low bar — acknowledging that what in reality were widespread attacks on police were serious and violated the law — and yet, here we are. Republicans on the House Oversight Committee will soon be visiting detainees from January 6 currently held at a D.C. jail, most of whom were accused of violent offenses. Imagine how these same Republicans would be reacting if the offenders were Democrats. They’re stumping for violent criminals.