Push To Unseat Lauren Boebert, George Santos, & Dozens More Revealed By Democrats


As the next round of elections approaches, Democratic leaders are preparing to specifically target a slew of House districts around the country currently held by Republican incumbents. Polling has consistently revealed Biden, who indications show is running for another term, either outright defeating Trump or coming close, and Democratic candidates elsewhere on the ballot could benefit from Democratic electoral success elsewhere boosting the party’s standing.

As outlined in new reporting from NBC, two and a half dozen GOP seats in the House have been identified as specific targets at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, an official Democratic Party organization that, as its name suggests, handles races for various House seats. (It’s, to be precise, 31 seats the committee is going after.) The list includes the posts currently occupied by Reps. George Santos (N.Y.), Lauren Boebert (Colo.), and Scott Perry (Pa.), among other lately prominent names like Reps. Anna Paulina Luna (Fla.) and Bryan Steil (Wisc.), the latter of whom has been participating in demands for information from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg related to his ongoing criminal investigation of Donald Trump, which has culminated in a grand jury indictment of the former president but where the underlying probe, it seems, may be continuing.

After all, there are areas of concern apparently not covered in the charges, like the years of falsified business records that drove the civil case against Trump and adult children of his from New York state Attorney General Letitia James, whose allegations of financial misconduct involving deceptive claims of value for dozens of company assets are set to go to trial in October.

NBC said some of the specific plans from Democrats for these dozens of GOP districts weren’t clear, but the specific declaration of ambition in each of these locales indicates there will be an influx of support. “It’s not yet clear how heavily Democrats will spend in each of the districts — in crunch time, they’ll have to make tough decisions,” NBC said. Also among Democrats’ top targets are House seats that two Democratic members of Congress are vacating. Those include Reps. Katie Porter (Calif.) and Elissa Slotkin (Mich.), both of whom are running for Senate in their respective states.

“There are no more Republican moderates,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee executive director Julie Merz said. “They had an opportunity very early in the speaker’s vote to stand up to the most vocal MAGA extremists and say, ‘This isn’t OK. This isn’t the direction we want our caucus to go.’ And they folded.”