Over Half Of Americans Support Trump’s Criminal Charges Despite Donald’s Rants


Despite his predictably relentless PR campaign against the local prosecutor and his team, another poll — this time available from CNN — has found a majority of respondents approve of the criminal case Donald Trump is facing in Manhattan in connection to hush money provided to Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election.

The same outcome was seen in other recent polling from Morning Consult. Most respondents in the polling at CNN did conclude politics had some role in the case against Trump taking shape, although it’s worth noting that the indictment itself was ultimately approved by a grand jury rather than Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg himself. The specific portion of respondents in the CNN survey approving of the move was 60 percent. Although further details were set to emerge in tandem with his arraignment on Tuesday in a Manhattan courthouse, reports already indicated that Trump was facing nearly three dozen accusations of felonies over falsifications of business records connected to that hush money. Some of the already known falsifications, as alleged, dealt with the reimbursements given to Trump’s former ally Michael Cohen, who originally produced the funds.

As could be expected, even a majority of independents in the new polling from CNN expressed approval for the criminal case Trump is facing. Support in that polling group reached 62 percent, with just above a third in opposition. These details suggest, of course, that the push from leading Republicans in the House to obtain revealing information from Bragg related to the probe is out of step with the majority of most Americans, per available figures.