Protesters Gather In New York To Celebrate Trump’s Indictment


What were easily hundreds of anti-Trump demonstrators descended on environs outside court buildings in southern Manhattan on Tuesday, when Donald Trump was slated for arraignment in his unfolding criminal case. A helicopter presence was audible overhead as local authorities made their presence known to those assembled, groups including others showing their support for the ex-president.

Police set up metal bike racks to separate the crowds of protesters opposing Trump from those supporting him, although stragglers sometimes went to opposite sides. A crew with Fox News also showed up on the side of the area designated for those opposing the ex-president, although they were quickly met with resounding boos and other expressions of condemnation. A journalist with the network attempted to conduct an interview with someone who said they’d been assaulted in the area the pro-Trump individuals were occupying, although this Fox reporter didn’t seem overly interested in actually pursuing that story. When the interviewee began to raise some of their complaints with Fox, including their role in furthering antagonism towards LGBTQ+ communities, the journalist was evasive, refusing to directly answer if they even supported gay marriage.

The demonstrators against Trump were also using sound to their advantage, either through music or just outright making noise through means like whistles, which were specifically used against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), who briefly showed up to offer support for her and Trump’s cause as the day unfolded. She was barely audible over noise from the crowd, no matter any attempts from the Congresswoman and her allies to make what happened seem like some kind of inspiring show of support for Donald.

“Lock him up!” was among the chants heard from the side opposing the ex-president, which certainly marks a twist from the seemingly endless record of supporters of the now former chief executive pushing for the prosecution and jailing of Trump’s political enemies, whether Hillary or others. Over on Trump’s side, support for conspiracy theories was visible, whether in signage seemingly proclaiming the election had been stolen (it wasn’t) or symbolism supporting the QAnon conspiracy movement, which hinges on delusional ideas of secret Satanism and cannibalism among cultural figures its adherents oppose. Police expanded the reach of their control of the scene, further blocking off the court buildings and seemingly adding personnel, as the point when Trump surrendered for processing approached Tuesday.

Image: Gage Skidmore/ Creative Commons