Trump Formally Hit With 34 Felony Charges In New York For Corruption


According to a report from Yahoo News and journalist Michael Isikoff, the criminal indictment approved by a grand jury in Manhattan last week implicating Donald Trump includes nearly three dozen accusations of felonies. The specific total of the charges included in the indictment — 34 — was previously reported, but the detail that all the alleged offenses are felonies is new. (UPDATE: Appearing in court Tuesday, the count and nature of the criminal charges were confirmed.)

A law enforcement official in New York who wasn’t named in the article contested the possibility that Trump would see time in jail, and Donald wasn’t set for either handcuffs or a mug shot in association with the arraignment in his unfolding criminal case that was set for Tuesday in Manhattan court. “The stated reason for handcuffing defendants is that they might be a flight risk or a threat to the district attorney or court personnel, neither of which was judged to be relevant to the handling of a former president protected at all times by a phalanx of Secret Service agents,” per the report from Isikoff.

In New York City on Tuesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and others on the far-right planned a protest near the courthouse, although it wasn’t clear ahead of the gathering that it would actually amount to much. While the scheduled date of Trump’s arraignment gave his supporters something around which to plan, it’s already been days since the indictment and even longer since the seemingly random Tuesday when Trump indicated he’d gotten the idea he could be arrested in the case, and yet, there hasn’t been an overwhelming protest presence in his favor in the city. The case — and individual charges — relate to falsifications of business records tied to hush money given to Stormy Daniels back before the 2016 presidential election.