Trump Getting Put Under Oath In Massive Lawsuit From N.Y. Attorney General


Donald Trump is set for a deposition ahead of trial in the massive civil lawsuit against him, adult children of his, and his family business from New York state Attorney General Letitia James.

That case, which involves allegations of financial misconduct at the Trump Organization, heads to trial in October after hurdles like initial responses from Trump’s corner that the attorney general’s team frustratedly contested over their lack of substance. In one example, Trump claimed he didn’t have the knowledge necessary to answer questions about inner workings of his business. “Donald J. Trump claims that he lacks sufficient information about the structure of his own companies to answer the Verified Complaint,” Kevin Wallace of the attorney general’s team noted amid a push for prospective sanctions, which didn’t result in such penalties — although it’s the same judge, New York’s Arthur Engoron, who previously imposed sanctions on Trump for a lack of effective compliance with demands from James for various evidentiary materials.

At issue was a lack of appropriate explanation for searches done for documents James sought. The state’s top law enforcement official is seeking penalties like hundreds of billions of dollars pinned to the alleged value of benefits garnered by the Trump family and their business tied to deceptive claims of value for various company assets. She also wants to block Trump and adult children of his from serving in controlling executive positions at businesses in New York. Trump’s deposition ahead of trial in James’s lawsuit will be taking place next week, the week after he’s arraigned — on Tuesday — in his criminal case in Manhattan connected to the infamous hush money provided to Stormy Daniels in 2016.