Students Launch Protests Around U.S. In Rejection Of MAGA’s Dangerous Gun Lunacy


Students around the country in state after state held walkouts on Wednesday in support of urgent action to stop gun violence. The protests were held soon after another school shooting that this time took place at a private school in Nashville, Tennessee, where three young children and three adults were killed.

That incident, though, of course isn’t alone. Already this year, the nonprofit organization known as the Gun Violence Archive has recorded over 380 young people from ages 12 through 17 who have been killed by gun violence, and there have been 65 deaths and counting among those even younger, from birth to 11 years of age. Although Democrats at the national level like President Joe Biden and his team continue supporting measures like a ban on assault weapons and an expansion to background checks associated with gun purchases, GOP opposition remains an issue. In some individual states, like Michigan and Illinois, Democratic leaders have been able to approve or enact sweeping protections against gun violence, but the patchwork of updates to policy these leaders have established still leaves a lot of the country largely unprotected in these ways.

Student protests were seen in Texas, North Carolina, Washington, Oregon, Tennessee, New York, and elsewhere. In Texas, those demonstrating for change included students at Uvalde High School, who go to school in the locale where the mass shooting last year at Robb Elementary School saw nearly two dozen killed in an incident perpetrated with a legally obtained firearm, meaning a change to the legal parameters around those weapons could’ve stopped it from happening. Texas journalist Sam Owens said the demonstrators in Uvalde went to the town square, near a memorial to victims of the attack at that elementary school.

Those participating included students throughout various age ranges. At Trinity Episcopal School in Charlotte, North Carolina, hundreds — including quite young kids — joined the demonstrations. It’s these children, of course, among those endangered by gun violence. The children killed in the Nashville shooting were all under 10 years old. Already, a then-student at Robb Elementary School who suffered the loss of two of her friends in the attack joined protests back in Texas held earlier in the capital.

In video after video from the walkout protests held in various places around the United States, the crowds are large — larger, it’s worth noting, than the pro-Trump crowd often seemed outside the Manhattan courthouse where Trump was arraigned in his criminal case earlier this week. At White Station High School in Memphis, Tennessee, a video from amid the protest shows students filling up nearly the entire visible area, save for a parking lot and an athletics field in the background. Check out some clips below:

Image: Students Demand Action on Twitter, used only for editorial purposes