Jim Jordan & Kevin McCarthy Hit With Accusations Of ‘Abuse Of Power’


Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-N.Y.), a high-profile but first-term Congressman whose roles currently include a spot on the House Oversight Committee, called attention in recent days to some of what’s ongoing between House Republicans and Trump.

As Republicans control the House and carry out what one would assume to be two years of leadership at least tangentially covering what the American people want, a report from CNN furthers the public understanding of what is actually happening. These Republican officials are often prioritizing the interests of Donald Trump, with whom prominent figures — like Jim Jordan and Elise Stefanik — have repeatedly been in touch, with the conversations initiated on either end. “Multiple sources tell CNN that Trump and House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan speak regularly but declined to divulge whether those conversations included Jordan’s investigative efforts,” CNN said. For Stefanik, a high-ranking member of the House Republican caucus, the publication specified both she and Trump have initiated conversations.

“Donald Trump is reportedly using @Jim_Jordan and @SpeakerMcCarthy as his taxpayer-funded legal defense team to interfere in an ongoing criminal investigation,” Goldman said Monday. “If true, this is a gross abuse of power and they must explain to the American people exactly what coordination exists.”

The idea is that these communications provide the opportunity for Trump to directly influence what Republicans in Congress are doing, a list of action that has already included intervening in investigations on his behalf, whether Congressionally of his finances or locally (in Manhattan) of a hush money scheme. Jordan will even soon be holding a hearing in New York City spotlighting ostensible problems there with crime, which will be part of a longstanding but deceptive effort by Republican leaders to associate crime with Democratic leadership. That will be next Monday — approaching two weeks after Trump’s arraignment in a criminal case originating with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg but also approved by a local grand jury. Jordan recently issued a subpoena for Mark Pomerantz, who was formerly a top prosecutor on what became Bragg’s team and worked on the Trump probe.