Barack Obama Shares Inspiring Holiday Message Uniting Americans Against Hate


Once again, the holiday this past weekend — meaning Easter — provided the opportunity to see an abundantly clear contrast between what Democrats and Republicans have to offer in terms of how levelheaded — or not! — that party leaders are.

“I want to wish all who celebrate a happy and blessed Easter,” former President Barack Obama shared Sunday. “With everything going on in the world right now, it’s a chance to hug our loved ones tight and give thanks for new beginnings and the blessings we all enjoy.” The tone of the sentiments — an expected holiday turn towards goodwill — matched what Biden shared.

Over on Truth Social, the knock-off social media site helmed by former President Donald Trump, that ex-commander-in-chief now running for another term was flipping his metaphorical lid. He’s unfortunately keeping himself relevant by continuing to angle for the White House, even after the country rejected him with a margin of millions of votes last time. “HAPPY EASTER TO ALL, INCLUDING THOSE THAT DREAM ENDLESSLY OF DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY BECAUSE THEY ARE INCAPABLE OF DREAMING ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE, THOSE THAT ARE SO INCOMPETENT THEY DON’T REALIZE THAT HAVING A BORDER AND POWERFUL WALL IS A GOOD THING, & HAVING VOTER I.D., ALL PAPER BALLOTS, & SAME DAY VOTING WILL QUICKLY END MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD,” Donald said online Sunday — for some reason, still yelling.

Trump and Biden may end up facing each other in the 2024 presidential election for what would obviously be a high-stakes rematch. While Trump remains worried about the prospects of a potential campaign from Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis, Donald himself still leads in most polls for the 2024 Republican primary, and for Biden, he has already indicated the plan is to run for another term, and there are no signs of a serious challenger from within the Democratic Party, in line with the longstanding idea of deference to incumbents. In surveys measuring the hypothetical match-up for 2024, Trump and Biden remain close, much like the two were ahead of the 2020 presidential contest.