Indictment Of Jim Jordan Sought By Protesters In Federal Building


Inside the federal building in lower Manhattan where Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) was leading a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee on Monday to purportedly highlight ostensible issues with crime in the area, demonstrators assembled and called, among other aims, for Jordan’s indictment.

A clip from journalist Mica Soellner also seemed to show members of the crowd chanting for the public to be allowed into the hearing room. “Let the public in!” they seem to chant. The group had signs displaying their animosity towards the leading Republican, alleging both that he’d “assaulted democracy” and that he should be criminally charged. Jordan has faced steep scrutiny for the role he had in events of January 6, around which time he helped with the idea of somehow blocking Biden’s win in Congress, something that obviously didn’t actually come to fruition. Jordan, though, was among the many Republicans who voted against the Congressional certification of the entirety of Biden’s win, and he later helped, even if indirectly, with an attempt at a cover-up by refusing to comply with demands for his cooperation from the House committee that investigated the Capitol riot, something for which he’s been lambasted by Democrats.

Jordan’s Monday hearing was essentially in response to a grand jury’s approval of a criminal case against Donald Trump in Manhattan — a non-federal investigation that culminated in jury-approved charges against someone who’s currently simply a private citizen and whose disputed conduct started before he ever took office. (It’s over the hush money given to Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election.) Nevertheless, Jordan has taken up the matter as a pet cause.