Red-State Newspaper Blasts Unhinged Marjorie Greene Before Her Visit


Well, it doesn’t sound like the editorial board at The Kansas City Star is fond of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), who was scheduled to visit the area for an event helmed by the Jackson County GOP. That county is in the Kansas City area, and it seems the contested gathering took place on Saturday.

Greene is obviously known for her extreme rhetoric. She has even recently spoken in support of a member of the Air National Guard who was found allegedly responsible for the disclosure of sensitive military files, something that could put lives at risk should intelligence sources and methods or military plans of the U.S. or its allies be exposed. That individual, Jack Teixeira, has been criminally charged — and Greene has tried to characterize him as some kind of valiant whistleblower, besides also misrepresenting the substance of what he disclosed and pushing the fairy tale that his identity, including as a white man, has absolutely anything to do with the fact he’s being targeted. Does she really expect people to believe a Black man or woman or an LGBTQ+ individual would’ve gotten away with disclosing U.S. military secrets? Does she know anything?

“At one point in the not-so-distant past, Republicans acted as if they were fans of the proverbial big tent of inclusiveness where — in theory — they want more young people, minorities and moderates to build their base,” the Star’s editorial board observed. “But clearly, the Jackson County GOP thinks that putting its stamp of approval on a conspiracy theory-loving firebrand who hugs up on QAnon reflects who its voters are.” The paper also noted some of what Greene has engaged with over the years, including conspiracy theories about 9/11 and fearmongering around transgender Americans, in addition to her supportive talk of the idea of a so-called national divorce partly dissolving the country.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene has zero ties to Missouri or Jackson County,” the editorial board continued last week. “But if her malicious, unhinged, fraudulent, bigoted rhetoric is worthy of a keynote speech to local Republicans, that makes it particularly noteworthy. It’s a window into just what the present and future of Missouri GOP politics look like.” Read more at this link.