Fox Host’s Sibling Helps Rally Americans Against Network’s Lies


Fox host Laura Ingraham is among the more prominent on the cable outlet, and it doesn’t seem that her brother, Curtis, is a fan.

Curtis spoke on Twitter in reply to a new segment from his sister’s show featuring conjectural allegations of corruption involving the Bidens made by Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), who leads the House Oversight Committee in this Congress. Comer talked a lot about supposed suspicion from inside financial institutions and rattled off that there were various bank accounts and corporate entities supposedly connected to money-making operations — yet nowhere did he make any showing of anything even potentially a crime.

While it could be ethically questionable — obviously, for someone like Joe Biden or another family member actually in political power to make money particularly in foreign contexts that could end up connected to U.S. foreign policy decisions, is there any real evidence of Biden himself benefiting from business deals arranged by family members of his? Hunter Biden is not in office and doesn’t seem to have any interest in holding such a role!

“My lying sister continues to foment,” Curtis said Wednesday on Twitter. “Even after Fox’s $800 million defamation settlement, the propaganda machine keeps humming along. This is what zero ethics and a lack of shame looks like.”

The settlement he referenced was announced in a legal dispute between Fox and Dominion Voting Systems, an election technology company that somehow became a key fixture of false conspiracy theories on the far-right after the last presidential election. Dominion had sued Fox for defamation, and opening statements at trial were imminent when the last-minute agreement emerged.

Elsewhere, Fox is still facing defamation litigation from Smartmatic, another company in the same rhetorical space as Dominion where staff and executives also faced false accusations of involvement in imaginary election fraud, including via broadcasts on Fox. It wasn’t just that guests on the channel pushed such nonsense, either. Sometimes, figures like Lou Dobbs — who has since lost his Fox show — sounded in support. Dominion itself also has remaining litigation against figures like Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani for their individual involvements in propagating lies that have led to threats against targeted staff members.

Funnily enough, Curtis Ingraham isn’t even the first high-profile Republican’s sibling to criticize their family member’s public work. Remember how siblings of Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) endorsed a Democratic opponent of his in the 2018 elections?