Jamie Raskin Targets Kevin McCarthy & House GOP For Abandoning Everyday Americans


Although the bill has now been — barely — passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) joined those recently sharing warnings about a debt ceiling and spending plan prepared by House Republicans and supported by members of leadership like House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

As it’s been outlined in Democratic arguments, the drops in discretionary spending that Republicans want to make happen would demand 22 percent declines across federal offices and initiatives, impacting a wide variety of government services, from basic support in food and housing to healthcare and other assistance for veterans. Overall, Republicans have been evidently seeking to preserve defense spending as it’s previously stood, adding to the impetus in their general plan for slashes across department after department elsewhere in government.

Republicans added these spending priorities into a proposal to expand the debt ceiling as needed by June to deal with expenses to which federal authorities already agreed. Democrats have been seeking to accomplish what’s needed on the debt ceiling without the accompanying legislative efforts, and the openly extreme GOP proposals are functionally a nonstarter. President Joe Biden already indicated, through a statement essentially on his behalf from the White House Office of Management and Budget, he’d veto the GOP plan if presented with it, and Democrats remain in control in the Senate.

“McCarthy’s shameful Default on America Act would destroy the full faith and credit of the nation, crash the economy, and turn the social safety net into a GOP tightrope—all to save tax breaks for the rich,” Raskin told Twitter Wednesday. “Their vision for America is clearer—darker—than ever.” Work requirements associated with federal assistance opportunities are included in the GOP plan, something Republican leaders themselves deceptively characterized as a boost for the national workforce. What about someone using disability assistance who’d need to choose between going to work and their basic safety? Individuals could suffer while the “workforce” experiences a claimed boost.