Trump Has Friday Mental Breakdown As Jack Smith Gets Top Aides To Testify


Trump is mad.

On his personal account on his knock-off social media site Truth Social, he began ranting early Friday about some of the latest developments in the multiple federal criminal investigations led by Special Counsel Jack Smith at the Justice Department. A report published Thursday from The New York Times had a trove of new details related to Smith’s investigation of Trump harboring classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, his resort in southern Florida, including subpoenas, testimony plans, and already unfolding cooperation from an individual the publication described as an “insider witness,” though they didn’t name them. Some of the recent subpoenas have targeted staff members at Mar-a-Lago, surveillance footage from the property, a software company that generally handles security footage for the Trump Organization, and even materials related to the dealings between the Trump family business and LIV Golf.

LIV Golf is backed by money from a Saudi fund run by that country’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and Trump’s company has raked in millions in association with hosting multiple events for the controversial league. It’s not difficult to imagine that the money could help facilitate major conflicts of interest if Trump ever regains political power! The Times noted that a connection between that matter and what Smith was already known to have under investigation is unclear.

“The leaking coming out of the Special “Prosecutors” Office and DOJ is unparalleled, and illegal,” Trump complained, without supporting evidence regarding where the details actually originated. “THEY ARE LEAKING EVERYTHING, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME OR GUARDRAILS. These people are thugs and criminals who allow ANTIFA & BLM to thrive and flourish, but who use full Gestapo force to shut down opposition and Interfere in our Elections. which is what this BULL…. is all about!”

“The Special “Prosecutor” is harassing and threatening my people over the Document’s Hoax, while NOTHING is being done with respect to Crooked Joe Biden’s MANY TIMES MORE Documents, especially those stored in CHINATOWN & Delaware,” Trump continued later Friday, misrepresenting both the differences between his and Biden’s cases and what’s actually been done around the current president’s situation. “Another RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, style Witch Hunt. Under the Presidential Records Act, I have done everything right, except that I probably should not have returned documents until it was ALL settled. I had every right to have them, with the right, also, to Declassify. ALSO, just as in the Mueller Scam case, you can’t have Obstruction of Justice if there is NO CRIME or, even more so, if they MAKE UP A CRIME!” That is not an accurate description of the available basis for a criminal charge of obstruction of justice, it seems.