Trump’s Staff Members Hit With Federal Subpoenas In Jack Smith’s Criminal Probe


Reports have consistently depicted the criminal investigations led by Special Counsel Jack Smith at the federal Justice Department as not exactly defined by hesitation.

According to a new article from The New York Times that recaps some of the latest movements in Smith’s probe into Trump’s handling of classified documents from his time as president, federal investigators have subpoenaed what a pair of sources characterized as “nearly everyone” who works at Trump’s southern Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago. “Two people said that nearly everyone who works at Mar-a-Lago has been subpoenaed, and that some who serve in fairly obscure jobs have been asked back by investigators,” the Times said. It’s at that resort where almost all of the classified documents recovered by federal authorities were most recently stashed. Trump has largely resided there following his departure from the presidency several years ago.

The Times also mentioned an individual they described as an “insider witness” for investigators who has been particularly cooperative — potentially substantially beyond simple compliance with a subpoena, but the newspaper didn’t identify this individual. The report did seemingly indicate, however, it wasn’t Walt Nauta, an aide to the former president whose potential role in handling classified documents at Mar-a-Lago was already known to be of interest to the federal team.

Some of the questions that have emerged in connection to what Smith has been uncovering include whether Trump misled his personal legal team about the whereabouts and handling of classified documents at that resort. Also possible is a scenario in which docs were intentionally removed from a disputed storage room on the premises before inspection, and Nauta, with someone else, moving potentially critical boxes from that storage area has also been known to be of serious interest to federal investigators. That episode was captured on security footage, around which Smith’s team has also developed evident concerns of potential meddling. Concurrently, the software company that generally handles security footage for Trump’s southern Florida property was also subpoenaed. Adding further to the list, Matthew Calamari Sr. — and his son, Matthew Jr. — were also recently reported to be imminently giving grand jury testimony as prosecutors reconstruct relevant timelines.