Pete Buttigieg Targets Kevin McCarthy For Dangerous Economic Plan Threatening Services


President Joe Biden’s team is continuing to try and expose the truth around Congressional Republicans’ plans for the economy.

Recently, the Republican majority in the House approved a debt ceiling and spending plan that would force what Democrats have characterized as 22 percent cuts across key federal teams and initiatives in line with a forced reduction in what’s known as discretionary spending to 2022 levels. Notably, that overall reduction was also part of demands from the far-right group in the House known as the House Freedom Caucus, which has featured involvement over the years of figures like GOP Reps. Jim Jordan (Ohio) and Andy Biggs (Ariz.). The correlation exemplifies the opportunistic veer even further to the Right under Kevin McCarthy’s leadership.

“House Republicans want to cut funding for air travel & rail safety, which will: – Close 375 Air Traffic Control Towers – Increase airport security wait times by up to 2 hrs – Reduce rail inspections,” Buttigieg said. “Their proposal would hurt communities and raise costs for families.” Although the veracity of the metrics has been questioned, a tabulation of views on Buttigieg’s post said it was already seen over a quarter of a million times.

Considering other statements of concern from the White House about the GOP plan have also referenced drops in the pace of railway inspections, it seems that’s what Buttigieg is also discussing here. The problem is that action on the debt ceiling, which concerns actions the federal government can take to address spending to which officials previously agreed and needs raised by June, is needed rather urgently! Democrats have sought a plan without accompanying legislative priorities attached.