Sedition Charges Against Trump Possible From Feds Over Jan. 6, Jamie Raskin Asserts


In a recent interview for MSNBC, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) agreed there is a possibility of a case against Trump alleging seditious conspiracy as investigators continue to grapple with his role after the last presidential election in attempting to undo the results and secure another four years in office despite his documented loss.

Asked if it’s “conceivable” that allegations of seditious conspiracy could be considered against Trump, Raskin replied in the affirmative, before addressing attempted defenses raised by members of the far-right extremist group the Proud Boys recently convicted of the same charge in connection with the Capitol riot.

“That’s not a defense,” Raskin argued. “I mean, if you’re accused of conspiracy to overthrow the government or put down the government of the United States, which is what seditious conspiracy means, it’s not a defense to say, ‘Somebody else told me to do it’ or ‘somebody else was involved in the conspiracy.’ Trump could very much have been part of the Proud Boys’ or the Oath Keepers’ conspiracy, or he might have been involved in an overlapping, concentric ring conspiracy with those conspiracies. So, we don’t have a system of justice… where the foot soldiers and the ringleaders down below go to jail and the ringleaders above get a free pass and get to continue their insurrectionist assault on democratic institutions.”

A recent poll conducted as part of a partnership between The Washington Post and ABC News actually found that a majority of Americans believe Trump should face criminal charges in connection to investigations into what took place after the 2020 presidential race. (The portion was 56 percent.) Watch Raskin’s interview below: