Donald, Rudy, & Other Goons Possibly Facing Criminal Charges In Election Meddling Probe This Fall


In Georgia, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has revealed a specific period of time centering on the beginning of August for what it seems are suspected to be criminal charges in the probe she’s been conducting into attempted meddling after the last presidential race. The level of security she has been pursuing via a series of missives to various authorities suggests she’s preparing to seek charges against someone with a pretty high profile, meaning it seems like the signs are suggesting another Trump indictment.

Willis has now established that much of her staff will be working remotely during those early August weeks, and she has requested that judges in her county not schedule proceedings to take place in person during the first two full weeks of August, meaning those starting on August 7 and August 14. This would seemingly cover pretty much anything being done at the county level.

Willis outlined this latest push in a letter to nearly two dozen officials in the county, where she has largely received procedural support for her inquiry, including with the establishment of what was known as a special grand jury that has since completed its work. As part of that panel’s efforts, members could recommend criminal charges, and the specific identities of those recommended for criminal allegations have not been revealed, though a Trump inclusion again seems likely considering comments from a member of that panel. Besides Trump, the list could include figures like individuals who signed on as sham electors for the ex-president after the last presidential election and Rudy Giuliani, his associate and former personal lawyer.

Amid her preparations for possible charges, Willis had already shared the timetable of from the middle of July to the beginning of September, and she has already asked for assistance from federal law enforcement in security prep. Though Trump’s other recent indictment in New York City has been handled mostly without any kind of significant incident, there is also a significant political difference between there and Georgia, where Biden barely eked out a win in the 2020 race, meaning there is literally just a higher proportion of Trump supporters in certain communities near Fulton County. Donald has already pushed for a protest response from his supporters as he’s faced some of these allegations, so that’s certainly to be reasonably expected again.