Over Half The Country Says Trump Is Too Mentally Unstable To Be President


In a recent national survey conducted for Fox News, 56 percent of overall respondents said they did not believe that Donald Trump possesses the “mental soundness” necessary for serving as president — a position for which he is now running yet again.

The same portion said they believed he does not have the “judgment” for “effectively” holding the presidency, and nearly the same portion agreed that Donald is “corrupt.” A full 61 percent thought that Trump doesn’t care “about people like” them. None of these results are particularly promising for either Trump’s ongoing 2024 campaign or the success of another term for Donald in the White House, should he win such a thing — though Biden and the Democrats have sometimes faced their own struggles in recent surveys. At least Biden has something on which to run other than complaining about the last presidential race!

In the polling for Fox, the portion of overall respondents saying they didn’t think Biden had the “mental soundness” needed for occupying the presidency was actually a little bit higher than the portion saying so of Trump, so that’s somewhere for Democrats to focus. It seems very likely if not guaranteed that Trump and Biden will be the two major candidates on the ballot for the 2024 general election, as Biden has no primary challengers waging a major campaign, while Trump is facing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who remains massively behind him in polls. Trump has been essentially waging a PR campaign against DeSantis ever since talk of him potentially joining the race for president emerged.