Prosecutors Hit Trump’s Inner Circle At White House With Subpoenas & Collect Testimony


In the criminal investigation at the federal Justice Department by Special Counsel Jack Smith into political schemes after the last presidential election to keep Trump in power despite his loss, subpoenas have reportedly emerged targeting individuals who worked in the White House personnel office under Donald. A formal name for that entity is the Presidential Personnel Office.

Investigators are examining the circumstances of the firing of Christopher Krebs, whose job responsibilities in the federal government included cybersecurity issues and who was unceremoniously but unsurprisingly booted after a statement emerged that asserted the 2020 presidential election had actually been conducted with remarkable security, contradicting Trump’s ludicrous claims. Prosecutors have also heard recently from Krebs himself, The New York Times added.

That publication also discussed intensive efforts inside the personnel team for the Trump administration to essentially politically vet those coming onboard — and target those already on staff, with the idea of uprooting those who didn’t harbor sufficient loyalty to Trump’s cause. Trump’s allies on the personnel team even assembled a document containing various ostensibly incriminating details relating to Krebs, like that his wife posted an image to Facebook with a logo for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign attached.

Trump ally John McEntee and another individual working on personnel matters more broadly assembled a series of questions to ask prospective hires that put these individuals on the spot, demanding an explanation of their interest in Trump’s campaign platform and no doubt carrying an inherent assumption they’d be booted if they didn’t reach the sought levels of interest and enthusiasm.

According to that same report from the Times, recent questions from investigators have also focused on responsibilities held by Heidi Stirrup, who became the White House liaison at the Justice Department not long before Trump left office. As she was associated with Trump’s longtime goon Stephen Miller, her presence and work could have helped further point to intentions from Trump to assemble an effort to knowingly stop the people’s will as expressed in the 2020 presidential election from actually being implemented. Other evidence has extensively established that Trump was repeatedly made aware of what in reality was the very real evidence of the integrity of the 2020 race, making his open attempts to throw out its result all the more knowingly violative.