MAGA Republicans Turn Against Marjorie Greene In Hilarious Reversal Of Fortune


As spotlighted in a recent report from The Daily Beast, some on the Right — like Steve Bannon and Laura Loomer — have begun discussing the prospect of a primary campaign against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.).

The far-right outrage has emerged as Greene has very publicly aligned herself with Kevin McCarthy and the GOP House Speaker’s agenda. In a particularly substantive break on policy issues, she supported the recent deal McCarthy struck with the White House to raise the nation’s debt limit while instituting other changes to various aspects of government spending.

Many normally in her ideological corner opposed the arrangement, complaining it didn’t do enough. Points of contention included the level of planned IRS funding that was undone and the imposition of new work requirements for federal benefit programs, which Republicans were generally favoring. In the Senate, Kentucky Republican Rand Paul also introduced a replacement plan that would have imposed more sweeping cuts to federal expenditures and made more categories of spending, including key benefit programs, subject to the limits that he was pursuing.

The Senate overwhelmingly rejected Paul’s plan. Also rejected in the Senate were plans from John Kennedy to make permanent the included changes to work requirements for federal benefit programs and an initiative from Josh Hawley to impose a framework for new tariffs on goods imported from China… import taxes that would be paid by Americans.

As for Greene, the animosity is evidently mutual. Besides Bannon, who is a longtime figure in Trump’s orbit who has also held a formal role on the ex-president’s political teams, Loomer is a failed GOP candidate for Congress in Florida, where she’s been defeated both at the primary and general election levels in multiple races. “[Greene] took a job from me when she publicly accused me of being crazy… and told Trump not to hire me,” Loomer told The Daily Beast, according to that publication. “I think it’s only fair that I get a shot at taking her job, too.” The outlet also somehow obtained a text message Greene recently sent Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) essentially asserting she wasn’t intimidated by the prospect of opposition from individuals like Bannon and Loomer. As elections are some time away, it remains to be seen what’ll actually happen here. Read more at this link.