Marjorie Greene Gets No Cosponsors For Attempt To Start Impeachment Investigation


It doesn’t seem like a lot of people in Congress are particularly thrilled with some of the impeachment proceedings that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has been trying to launch targeting officials ranging from President Joe Biden to Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

Greene recently introduced a House resolution that would direct the chamber’s Judiciary Committee to conduct an impeachment investigation targeting Mayorkas and the prospect of formally taking the move against him, and nobody cosponsored it. While it’s feasible for newly introduced measures to not have any cosponsors beyond the member introducing the initiative, there is also an extensive precedent of new initiatives having a lot more support. Greene separately introduced actual articles of impeachment against Mayorkas, and only six fellow Republicans, including prominent names like Matt Gaetz, are listed as cosponsors.

The initiative from Greene to establish an impeachment investigation on the Judiciary Committee gives Republicans extensive control over the course of that probe in the event it’s actually established. The ranking member, meaning top Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler (N.Y.), would be able to take investigative action of his own accord… and the chairperson would then be able to summon a full committee vote on whatever Nadler was doing. As Republicans are in the majority, those provisions obviously give the party veto power over essentially it all. In “the event either so declines, either shall have the right to refer to the committee for decision the question whether such authority shall be so exercised and the committee shall be convened promptly to render that decision,” the resolution says, discussing the committee’s top members.

Republicans have run far with the idea that there is some kind of unfolding crisis at the southern border that threatens the country’s national security. It’s false, however, that the border is in any way “open” or that the Biden administration has just abandoned the scene, as some, like Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis, have claimed. DeSantis in Florida has signed a sweeping new bill targeting undocumented communities that imposes sharp restrictions around such individuals receiving even transportation and includes massive penalties for violations.