Marjorie Greene Betrays Her Own Goons & Backs Defunding Law Enforcement


Do those in the political corner largely occupied by figures like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) even have any stable beliefs?

Remember how mad that so many Republicans have been about the idea of defunding the police? Those on the Left who have used that language have not necessarily meant stripping all funding from law enforcement agencies, instead arguing in favor of a reallocation of funds. Well, it turns out yet again that Greene herself actually supports defunding law enforcement… sometimes. She announced in a Monday written statement that she was preparing a proposal that if approved would strip funding from the investigative team at the Justice Department led by Special Counsel Jack Smith. Greene can pretend it’s something different, but she’s clamoring against what in reality is the basic law enforcement system in the United States!

“This morning, I’m writing an appropriations rider to DEFUND Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office and entire investigation,” Greene said Monday. “I will not vote for ANY appropriations bill to fund the weaponization of government. I hope every one of my Republican colleagues will join me.”

It’s not politics. It is objectively untrue to describe what has transpired amid Smith’s investigations as somehow a political endeavor, considering there have been substantial levels of multi-faceted review involving various personnel and even a grand jury of citizens who had to approve the criminal charges Trump is facing from Smith’s probe into his harboring of classified documents.

In her push to defund the Justice Department teams handling the Smith probes, Greene might not fare better than her attempts at impeaching Biden and top officials, which haven’t really gone anywhere. She got zero co-sponsors for a proposal to kickstart an impeachment investigation on the House Judiciary Committee targeting Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.