Lauren Boebert Tries To Impeach Biden & Only Gets Two House Supporters


As it turns out, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) has introduced her own proposed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, emerging alongside a push to that effect separately introduced by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). Boebert’s impeachment push appears to be a major flop, with only two cosponsors… in a chamber of 435 members. (UPDATE: She got… a third. The original article continues below.)

The two cosponsors are familiar and expected names, including Florida Republican Matt Gaetz and Arizona Republican Eli Crane. And that’s it. With the chamber’s Republicans having been barely able to even pass the deal to raise the nation’s debt limit that was necessary to avoid major financial calamity, it’s safe to assume this initiative won’t be going much of anywhere. On the debt limit deal, Republican leaders needed Democratic votes to actually get the arrangement through the chamber, though it’s the Republicans who wanted to take the necessary step in the form of an extended negotiation and broader legislative deal anyway. Democrats wanted to just address the debt limit and move on.

The actual text of what Boebert has introduced includes a series of complaints about Biden’s supposed failures in his handling of the southern border and immigration policy. The proposed impeachment articles contain outright falsehoods, alleging, for instance, that Biden’s “negligence of duty has resulted in the surrender of operational control of the border to the complete and total control of foreign, criminal cartels—putting the lives of American citizens in jeopardy” — an utterly ludicrous statement. The southern border of the United States, whatever issues are there, isn’t under the total control of criminal organizations. She might as well have said the sky is green and the sun is a turkey.

This whole thing gets even worse when you consider that there really are people arriving at the southern border who could use assistance, and what do Republicans do? Introduce sham articles of impeachment and send people on trips to Democratic-leaning areas as though these migrants are pawns to haphazardly position.