Adam Kinzinger Reminds America That Trump & MAGA Are World Historical Losers


This week, tensions erupted in Russia from some of those who have been involved in Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, with some of the ostensibly mercenary-in-nature forces turning their sights domestically and making a violent stand against the Russian despot.

The situation, however it unfolds, comprehensively blows up the GOP narrative that Russia under Putin’s leadership is some kind of bold, strong state. This rhetoric has been promoted by figures from Donald Trump to Ted Cruz, the latter of whom is the infamous Texas Republican Senator — and the former of whom is running for president again, though many, many Americans vehemently oppose his presence in the latest race.

“It appears the dream of @TuckerCarlson @tedcruz @HawleyMO @TulsiGabbard @RepMTG and so many more of a strong Russia are evaporating even faster,” Adam Kinzinger tweeted. “Tag your favorite Russia lover.” Kinzinger is the former Republican Congressman from Illinois who made somewhat of a name for himself while in office for opposing Trump on the key issue of the 2020 election’s integrity.

In one prominent example of what Kinzinger was referencing, Cruz — who, again, is a sitting U.S. Senator — appeared to be suckered into Russian military propaganda, much of which has already been undercut by recent developments in Ukraine, where the defending country’s forces have been able to exact a heavy toll against the invading Russian army. Cruz posted in overtly positive terms in response to a video evidently promoting Russia’s military. “Holy crap. Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea….”, Cruz said online in a May 2021 Twitter post.

Elsewhere, Trump — who, again, is trying to become president again — has also spoken in overtly positive terms about Putin as a person, characterizing the murderous Russian despot as fundamentally strong. And elsewhere, Republicans like Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene have helped provide cover for the Russian narrative, drawing a false connection between U.S. aid for Ukraine and the war that’s been unfolding. That U.S. assistance, which has taken the form of various weapons, is not what has kept the inter-country conflict going.