Loony Marjorie Taylor Greene Suggests U.S. Was Behind Russian Coup Attempt


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) suggested in recent comments on Twitter that the U.S. could have been covertly behind what was recently characterized as a coup attempt in Russia. There is absolutely no real-world evidence suggesting this scenario, and she was quickly — and extensively — mocked.

“After our government has been funding a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine for over a year, I sure hope our government isn’t behind a coup attempt currently happening in Russia,” Greene tweeted. “Regime change in a nuclear armed country may lead to terrible consequences the American people don’t want.” Her reckless, ignorant rhetoric could itself be dangerous if used by anti-American forces to help even suggest there’s a scenario in which the country would do precisely such a thing. Greene’s description of the war in Ukraine is also incomplete and fundamentally deceptive, as it’s not as though U.S. interests have in any meaningful way been the responsible factor behind that conflict. That responsibility lies squarely and unequivocally with Putin.

The ostensible coup attempt in Russia appears to have quickly fizzled out. The situation involved a violent though limited stand from Wagner troops, who are generally known as mercenaries directly involved with the Russian government’s ambitions and work, meaning the soldiers are not technically the country’s main army. The troops have been involved in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Elsewhere, Greene wasn’t the only one with a nonsensical take about the developments in Russia. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) suggested there hadn’t been any such conflicts around the world during Trump’s time in office, as though she’d never read the news previously. There was a series of successful coups in other countries while Donald was in the White House, not to mention everything else, even up to the violent, armed attack on a seat of democracy in the United States carried out by the then-president’s own supporters!