Trump’s Big-Name Guest For Speech Seems To Fall Asleep While He’s Talking


At a recent speech that Donald Trump gave in D.C. at a conference of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Mike Huckabee appeared to fall asleep while the former president was speaking.

To make matters worse, Huckabee — a former governor of Arkansas and prominent figure in conservative politics — appeared to be seated in a prominent area set apart from the rest of the crowd, which was in contrast only illuminated dimly. “Mike Huckabee appears to nod off to sleep during Trump’s speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference,” journalist Zachary Petrizzo of The Daily Beast shared on Twitter alongside an image that showed what he was referencing. (You can see it below.)

Petrizzo also spotlighted elsewhere how areas outside an evident dining room where Donald was delivering the remarks were actually rather empty despite his assertions to the contrary. Trump’s apparently overly rosy description of the crowd size actually present continues a long tradition that stretches back, of course, all the way to his inauguration as president in 2017, when the size of the crowds stretching across D.C. became such a monumentally huge issue.

Trump has also sometimes encountered problems with crowd size at his campaign events. Though the gathering was a first of many, he formally kicked off his latest run for office in part with an event at the South Carolina state Capitol that featured merely hundreds of people — a far cry from some of the huge crowds he’s previously gotten, a difference that could potentially be lost in the extensive media coverage that Donald has helped cultivate.

Though there have been some significant missteps, Trump is still generally on his way to securing the Republican presidential nomination, as best can be told. He maintains a mostly substantial lead over his closest challenger, Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida. DeSantis runs around spouting nonsense like that he wants to end birthright citizenship with a targeting of undocumented immigrants in mind… though Trump, of course, also just spouts off whatever bullsh*t that he finds interesting.