New 2024 Data Shows Ron DeSantis’s Campaign Absolutely Tanking


While there hasn’t been an overabundance of polling done in the state to measure prospective voters’ opinions in the unfolding Republican presidential primary race between what’s honestly just Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, recent polling indicates that the latter, who’s the governor of the state, might lose… by a lot. 

DeSantis has made himself very prominent both inside and outside of the Republican Party, but it’s not working. Polling shared by Florida Atlantic University and originally publicized last month found Trump leading DeSantis in the state among prospective voters in the primary by double digits. In the university polling, 59 percent picked Trump, and DeSantis had just 31 percent… in Florida itself. DeSantis did tie with Trump in the polling among respondents identified as hailing from the northwestern regions of the state, which is where the state capital of Tallahassee is situated. Trump massively outperformed DeSantis, though, in the southwest of the state, reaching a whopping 80 percent.

Polling from other sources inside Florida has shown better results for DeSantis, but again, there hasn’t been a lot, so these numbers that were publicized by Florida Atlantic University stick out. Nationally, the picture is pretty much the same, with Trump generally maintaining roughly a majority of the support in this race no matter his multiple — and potentially growing — criminal cases. Donald could reasonably be expected to be charged at least two more times, in both the federal investigation into his meddling attempts after the last presidential race and the probe that’s been covering similar ground in the state of Georgia.

The federal version of that inquiry has been continuing vigorously, with investigators getting close to Donald through means including a recent appearance for testimony by his longtime ally Rudy Giuliani, who was closely involved with propagating election-related nonsense after the last presidential race concluded.