Jack Smith Hits Trump World With New Subpoenas After Criminal Charges


Multiple reports in major media outlets say that the criminal investigation that has already ensnared former President Donald Trump with dozens of charges over his handling of classified records from his administration is continuing. Possible outcomes from this stage include even more charges for the former president, besides new charges against others involved in the alleged retention and obstruction.

The New York Times reported that new subpoenas have been issued in the wake of Trump’s indictment emerging in public, though that publication did not specify the people who’d been targeted. Now and in recent history, media reports have revealed investigators with Special Counsel Jack Smith conducting sweep after sweep for potentially relevant information in Trump’s circles, holding — for instance — expansive interviews with staff members at Mar-a-Lago, Donald’s southern Florida resort. Smith’s investigators have also heard from Susie Wiles, who helps lead a political action committee helping boost Trump’s latest bid for office — and who was reportedly among those to whom Trump showed sensitive materials after exiting the presidency.

Wiles could eventually go before a jury as a witness for the prosecution at trial. Also potentially relevant in these latest developments in the matter is again the Bedminster gathering where Trump was seemingly showing off sensitive documents to third parties who definitely didn’t have the proper clearances. Donald has predictably denied the alleged wrongdoing, though his tone on the audio recording made of that meeting was much more open — and seemingly indicative of really showing these people legitimately protected files. Liz Harrington, who’s become known as a spokesperson for Trump, was among those at the meeting, reports have revealed.

In theory, members of the ex-president’s legal team could also figure into future charges, though he’s also been suspected of deceiving at least certain members of that group during this whole ordeal. Read more at this link.