Trump’s Event Attendees Start To Leave Before He Finishes South Carolina July 4th Speech


If former President Donald Trump actually paid attention, he might see movement in the crowds turning out to see him speak of which he wasn’t a big fan.

According to a recent report from The Greenville News, attendees at a recent speech that Donald gave in South Carolina as he tries to again secure the Republican nomination for president started to stream out of the premises before he was finished. “Trump spoke for nearly an hour and a half, and people began leaving before he finished due to the extreme heat,” according to that newspaper.

A significant factor in what happened was evidently the weather, as high temperatures in the area led to dozens of people reportedly suffering from heat-related health problems, although there were no substantial injuries reported. Still, that state publication reported somebody even seemed to faint directly next to the media area for Trump’s speech, and Donald’s team may have been taken somewhat by surprise and caught unprepared, as the paper said that some of those onsite began to distribute water bottles… after that incident.

Because of course it’s not, this actually isn’t the first time that the weather has threatened the health of some of those who’ve gathered to hear whatever the former president has to say. Ahead of the 2020 election, there was an infamous incident in Nebraska where hundreds of the then-president’s supporters were effectively stranded in dangerously low temperatures, with dozens suffering from health effects and some even hospitalized. People were still onsite and struggling some three hours after Trump’s plane left the scene.

For the South Carolina event, attendees had begun to line up far ahead of time, as has been seen with plenty of other large-scale events featuring the former president — and which could have significantly exacerbated exhaustion in the crowd. Trump spoke in conjunction with a local event celebrating the Fourth of July, and others to make an appearance also included Republicans Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) and Sen. Lindsey Graham — the latter of whom was loudly and overwhelmingly booed by members of the crowd, who yelled out to the Senator that he was a “traitor.” Graham represents that very state! Read more at this link.