Former Prosecutor Warns To Expect Trump Charges In January 6 Case This Summer


Donald Trump might be gearing up to have an even worse summer. Former federal prosecutor Kristy Greenberg, who says in her bio on Twitter that she helped lead the criminal division in the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, predicted online in recent days that charges for Trump and former lawyers of his will likely emerge in Jack Smith’s January 6 investigation this summer.

That investigation doesn’t just cover the actual events of January 6 but extends to the surrounding conspiracies and schemes to try and keep Trump in power despite losing. The pressure on Mike Pence and other officials around the country to take some kind of action was a big part of what went down, as Trump and his goons tried to assemble some kind of ostensibly legal plan to throw the election to Donald. Brad Raffensperger and Rusty Bowers, the latter of whom is a former top legislative official in Arizona, have both been questioned by the federal team.

“Well, there’s been some public reporting that prosecutors are nearing charging decisions, but you have seen a steady stream of witnesses before the federal grand jury in recent weeks,” Greenberg told Chris Hayes on MSNBC, discussing her recent prediction. “There’s also reporting that the special counsel’s office was really pressing attorneys not to have any delays, that they needed to get into the grand jury before the end of June. Why is that the case? Presumably they have a timetable here.”

“You can also look at the fact that they’ve amassed evidence from, really, Donald Trump’s inner circle,” Greenberg added. “We know that his campaign officials, Gary Michael Brown has been in the grand jury, Michael Roman apparently is cooperating. He was the director of Election Day operations. State officials in all the battleground states. You’ve got, potentially, Mark Meadows, White House counsel, Mike Pence. You know, if you have his inner circle, you’re really, I think at that point, nearing the end of the investigation.” Trump may also be facing charges around the end of July or beginning of August in the Georgia investigation by the Fulton County district attorney.

Check out Greenberg’s commentary below: