N.Y. Democrat Exposes GOP Chairman For His ‘Basic Lack Of Understanding’


In recent commentary on Twitter, Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-N.Y.), who entered Congress this term after a past career that included working on the first impeachment of then-President Trump, ripped apart some of the baloney narratives that Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) is propagating.

In this Congress, Comer leads the House Oversight Committee, where he has been conducting predictably antagonistic — but hollow — investigations into the Biden family. At this point, Republicans have constructed a ridiculously sweeping narrative of imaginary schemes of corruption, a lot of which sometimes goes without even a full explanation of what on earth they’re even trying to allege.

“This kind of dangerous rhetoric is unsupported by facts and evidence, demonstrates a basic lack of understanding about financial records and crimes, and ignores contrary evidence,” Goldman wrote online in discussion of the issue. “I urge @RepJamesComer to hold public hearings on these allegations rather than peddle them on Fox.”

In the original interview on Fox to which Goldman was responding, Comer made what sounded like brazenly false claims. He seemed to characterize the issuance of what is known as a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) as indicative of a “bank violation,” which is flatly false. Those reports, which are created by financial institutions, are not in themselves proof of anything, and it takes under five minutes of searching online to show as much. The reports are meant as a first step for other investigators to see whether any sort of “violation” really did occur, and many of the underlying reports might never turn into anything!

Lobbing suspicions of foreign corruption, Comer also claimed “there’s no inspector general” to oversee the assistance that the U.S. has provided Ukraine amid its ongoing defense against Putin’s invasion, although that assistance falls under the jurisdiction of what’s presumably multiple oversight officials, making Comer’s statement a brazen misrepresentation of reality. Check it all out below: