George Santos’s Re-Election Campaign Takes Massive Hit In Latest Poll Numbers


Per statistics recently highlighted on Twitter by a Democratic candidate hoping to unseat the first-term Republican, more Americans nationally say the earth is flat than approve of George Santos within his New York Congressional district. In other words, the defiance to which Santos has stuck amid the exposure of his evidently extensive lies and the emergence of a criminal case against him isn’t working, and it seems extremely unlikely he’ll be returning to Congress.

Apparently, 10 percent of people say on the national level the earth is flat. Even shaving a few percentage points off that total to account for the people just providing that answer because it’s funny, the portion of Santos’s constituents who view him favorably is still only… seven percent. It’s not a surprising result, of course. The Long Island news outlet Newsday shared data much earlier in the year, before George’s criminal case, that already showed more than three-fourths of his constituents backing the idea of resignation.

The data that Democratic candidate Anna Kaplan shared was spotlighted during a CNN broadcast about Santos recently comparing himself to Rosa Parks, the late icon of the civil rights movement. Santos had made that comparison in a discussion of the months-old incident in which Utah GOP Senator Mitt Romney ostensibly admonished him against taking up a spot towards the front during a Biden speech to Congress, though the comparison remains ridiculous. Romney was simply outraged at Santos’s many craven lies… it’s apples to oranges, George!

In Congress, Santos hasn’t done much… beyond end up under federal criminal indictment with allegations including wire fraud and money laundering, alongside claims of taking unemployment benefits for which he wasn’t eligible and deceiving Congress in financial disclosure forms that it was required be filed. There are 28 items listed on as sponsored by Santos in this Congress. Only one has any cosponsors, and that one measure has… one cosponsor.