Jack Smith’s Prosecutors Zero In On Threats To Election Workers Amid Trump’s Lies


The criminal investigation at the Justice Department led by Special Counsel Jack Smith into attempts after the last presidential election to essentially meddle with the outcome on Donald Trump’s behalf is reaching the top, again and again. This time, it’s come out through CNN that Smith’s team has interviewed Jocelyn Benson, the Secretary of State in Michigan, where she is ultimately responsible for elections.

Michigan was among the swing states where Biden was victorious in 2020 that Trump and his allies challenged. The outcome had flipped from 2016, when Trump took the state. Neither in Michigan nor anywhere else did conclusive evidence of systematic election fraud ever emerge, and in court case after court case, including a matter that has led to sanctions for Sidney Powell and Lin Wood among others, those in Trump’s corner simply failed. The baseless fraud claims have continued, however, including with a more recent lawsuit from Kristina Karamo, who unsuccessfully ran last year to replace Benson. She’s since become the chairperson of the state GOP. She also previously helped lead a lawsuit challenging mail-in voting in Detroit that also led to sanctions.

Benson herself confirmed her questioning by the federal team, which available details appear to indicate did not take place before a grand jury. In the investigation, the jury to which Smith’s team has brought a series of witnesses would eventually need to approve any charges.

The Michigan official said federal authorities’ areas of interest included impacts on election workers amid the spread of misinformation after the 2020 race. Many such individuals faced serious threats to their safety and lives despite the obvious lack of supporting evidence. “Myself and the election officials who have – at request or simply because we have a story to tell – have been speaking to authorities, I think it’s really a reflection of our desire to ensure that the law is followed, and where there’s evidence of wrongdoing, there’s justice that is served,” Benson said, according to CNN.