Trump Fans Furious After They Can’t Get In Despite Waiting Hours For Donald


Trump fans were furious after evidently waiting for hours to hopefully attend a speech at a conference of Turning Point Action from former President Donald Trump before ending up left outside the gathering. The speech was on Saturday.

“Let us in!” some chanted in a video captured by a journalist who goes by Oliya Scootercaster. One woman in the crowd insisted to an apparent security guard that Charlie Kirk, who heads up the organization, should be sent to meet the people stuck behind bike racks. It’s unclear if this woman had any personal connection to the right-wing agitator or was just hoping for the leading figure at the large gathering to see the purported plight. She insisted on Kirk multiple times.

Speaking to Scootercaster after her remarks to the security guard, the same woman claimed hundreds of people had been left outside the gathering after what for some had been hours of waiting on the day Trump spoke to the Florida event. Another woman claimed to have spent $1,000 on flying down to the conference location from New York City, though tickets from New York to Florida are very often available for far less than that total. A police officer presumably helping with event security eventually showed up in Scootercaster’s footage as others besides those interviewed also called out their frustrations to essentially anyone within earshot.

Tucker Carlson, recently fired from Fox News, also spoke at the Turning Point Action event. In a portion of the commentator’s remarks also highlighted by Scootercaster, Carlson effectively attempted to distance the U.S. from the war between Russia and Ukraine, noting that Russia hadn’t turned its military forces directly against the U.S…. though several Americans have nonetheless died amid the conflict. The U.S. has not provided any personnel assistance to Ukraine, and these deaths have instead been connected elsewhere, like to journalism.