Hundreds Of Lots Go For $50 Or Less In Mike Lindell’s Auction Of MyPillow’s Stuff


From conveyor belt components to hand trucks and filing cabinets, MyPillow’s Mike Lindell has seen nearly 250 items from his recent company auction go for $50 or less now that the online bidding has closed.

The exact number of lots in that price range was 241. The range of items up for sale in the auction was wide-ranging, including basic industrial and office implements — and lots that included simply the entirety of an office’s remaining contents, including chairs and desks. White boards, art off the walls, a security gate for handling entrances — it was all going to the highest bidder. They were even selling off tens of thousands of face masks, presumably tying to the much earlier efforts at MyPillow to formulate such items before conservative politics turned more generally against the idea of precautions guarding against COVID-19.

The massive productions of furnishings and equipment have for many called the basic viability of MyPillow into question after Lindell became one of the leading voices promoting conspiracy theories related to the 2020 presidential race. Lindell and MyPillow have subsequently faced defamation challenges in court from outside interests like Dominion Voting Systems who became a scapegoat for Republicans amid their frustrations over Donald Trump’s loss in 2020, and Lindell has previously claimed he needed $10 million worth of loans.

He was also directed in an arbitration process to produce $5 million after he’d previously promised such a payout if someone proved certain claims from Lindell related to fraud to be incorrect. An outside expert found that data from Lindell’s team was actually just gibberish.

And now you were recently able to purchase the massage chairs from MyPillow’s Shakopee location in Minnesota, where the items were presumably meant for employees. Computer equipment, printers, and related items were also up for grabs. Lindell’s recent posts on Truth Social, which is Trump’s alternative social media site that’s become popular with his base, alternate between promoting interviews and hawking his products. Apparently, you can purchase a MyPillow beach towel now. Lindell was also selling gummies, for some reason.