GOP’s Attempted Impeachments Backfire Again As Border Official Refutes Them


House Republicans are continuing to move towards a potential impeachment of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, with Dems expressing outrage at their opponents’ arguably trivializing use of the process.

Even if Republicans successfully impeach Mayorkas or another official, there is no assurance there will be any substantive impact on the ability of the target to hold onto their position, as the Senate, which would need to agree on a conviction before any removal from power, remains led by Democrats.

In the House, Democratic Reps. Jamie Raskin (Md.) and Bennie Thompson (Miss.) rebuked Republicans’ latest efforts after what this time was another questioning of U.S. Border Patrol Agent John Modlin, Chief Patrol Agent of the Tucson Sector. As Raskin and Thompson explained it, Modlin outlined the resources provided so far by the Biden administration as comprehensive and meaningfully supportive of border enforcement agents’ attempts to secure the southern border. This perspective contrasts with Republican claims of an “open” border, rhetoric related to which has figured into the ideologies of mass shooters behind multiple recent and semi-recent incidents of deadly violence.

“Echoing his prior testimony during a public hearing, Chief Patrol Agent Modlin reaffirmed that Border Patrol continues its work to secure the border and stop illicit drugs from reaching our cities,” Raskin and Thompson said. “With Chief Modlin’s interview, the Committees have now heard from seven Chief Patrol Agents who all explained that the robust resources provided by the Biden-Harris Administration are strengthening Border Patrol agents in their mission at the southern border.”

They also spoke more broadly to the situation. “Despite all the progress we have been hearing about, Republicans continue to waste the time of our border security officials in their fruitless effort to seek information that would justify their call to defund law enforcement and impeach Secretary Mayorkas,” the Democrats added Wednesday.