Pro-Trump Lawyer Says She’s Been Charged After Swing-State Ploy To Seize Election Machines


An attempt in Michigan to use some of the machinery utilized in local elections for proving imagined fraud that Trump supporters believed swung the 2020 presidential election to Trump may have culminated in charges.

Stefanie Lambert, an attorney in Michigan who was involved in the situation, says she’s been criminally charged, though prosecutors didn’t confirm it. The underlying investigation, which has been led by a special prosecutor tasked with the job by state Attorney General Dana Nessel, was already known, however. A series of others have been potentially subject to charges, including a former state legislator and Matthew DePerno, who unsuccessfully ran for Nessel’s state position. As outlined by Bridge Michigan, the allegations against these individuals involve them having transported machines used in vote tabulation across multiple counties, pursuing ambiguous tests.

In Oakland County, Michigan, Judge Phyllis McMillen has ruled in favor of the interpretation of state law insisting possession of election machines like the tabulators is only permitted after court order or an allowance from the office of the Michigan Secretary of State. Lambert is actively seeking a reversal of McMillen’s conclusions from a higher authority in the state’s courts. Lambert, for her part, insisted she would bring a separate legal challenge to special prosecutor DJ Hilson over this matter.

The allegedly original circumstances involving Lambert and the others mirror circumstances that were seen in other states, including Colorado and Georgia, as supporters of the then-outgoing president sought to assemble ostensible evidence of unproven election fraud by covertly accessing some of the machines used in local balloting. The Georgia scheme, which unfolded specifically in Coffee County, is expected to figure into a forthcoming criminal case from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis that may also implicate Trump. The former president’s legal team also met Thursday with the federal team of Special Counsel Jack Smith in the context of an expected indictment of the ex-commander-in-chief tied to the attempts after the last presidential race to keep him in power despite losing.