Biden Spokesperson Rallies Against House GOP’s Pushes For Impeachment


Ian Sams, a spokesperson on President Joe Biden’s team, is providing a string of responses to some of the latest moves from House Republicans, who continue to pursue and push allegations of financial corruption that ostensibly implicate the president.

House members heard recently from Devon Archer, who was previously a business partner to Hunter Biden, who is a son of the current president. Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-N.Y.), a first-term member of Congress and former lawyer on the first impeachment of then-President Trump, was present for Archer’s questioning, and he claimed afterwards that Archer attested that he neither had nor knew of evidence that connected the president to Hunter Biden’s business dealings done while a private citizen. Goldman also asserted that Archer was similarly dismissive towards the notion that the president, when serving in a previous position of elected office, took official action that would’ve furthered the business aims of Hunter Biden and his associates.

Republicans continue to push at least the possibility of the opposite. “It appears that the House GOP’s own witness under oath debunked their central allegation against the President,” Sams argued Monday on Twitter. “They keep promising bombshell evidence but over and over, they can’t produce any. Yet the goose chase rolls on, at the expense of focusing on Americans’ real priorities.”

The testimony was conducted outside the public’s view, and some began to call after its conclusion for a release of a comprehensive transcript. In the House, Republicans have been pursuing the potential of impeachment, proceedings that could target top officials on the president’s team and the president himself. Articles of impeachment against Biden were already introduced but put under further consideration. That proposal, sponsored by Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), claims despite the abundant evidence to the contrary that foreign criminal organizations have taken operational control of the southern border of the United States of America.