Ted Cruz Mocked As ‘Like Oprah’ After Clamoring For Multiple House Impeachments


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) spoke during a recent interview on Fox News in favor of the Republican majority in the House pursuing at least three impeachments that would target top officials in the Biden administration including the president himself.

Discussing the potential of impeaching Biden, which would still need the Senate’s unlikely support to effectuate a removal from office and/or restriction on pursuing office, Cruz pointed to an infamous document held by the FBI that outlines claims against the current president that he previously received a $5 million bribe. Many have argued there are serious gaps in this story, including the question of how the action Biden was expected to take under the terms of this ostensible scheme would have even served the interests driving it. Biden’s push as vice president alongside Barack Obama against a then-top prosecutor in Ukraine has been tied to this alleged corruption, but the removal of that investigatory official was actually an aim shared by Western government officials.

“Ted Cruz out here like Oprah with impeachments,” Ian Sams, a spokesperson on the current president’s team, remarked in a Twitter post. Cruz also pushed for impeachment proceedings against Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and Attorney General Merrick Garland. Republicans have sought to tie the humanitarian crisis experienced by some migrants to actions by Mayorkas and the Biden administration, and members of the party have also promoted allegations of interference with an investigation at the Justice Department of the president’s son, Hunter Biden, who has been a frequent target of the party’s claims.

Articles of impeachment that target all three of the officials who Cruz named were already introduced in the House, though no final vote condemning these officials has been held in the chamber, where Republicans still have the majority.