‘Morning Joe’ Shames Lindsey Graham For Groveling For Donald Even Amid Charges


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) faced criticism after a weekend Republican event in his home state where he again aligned himself with former President Donald Trump.

“One thing I can tell you,” Graham remarked to the crowd. “You better not screw with this guy or you’ll regret it.”

“The question I keep asking is, what’s worth that?” Joe Scarborough, co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” remarked. “And I can tell you, having a Congressional pin is not. In fact, I don’t think anything’s worth humiliating yourself the way Lindsey does. I mean, we can expand this out again. Donald Trump threatened a federal prosecutor, saying, I’m coming after you, calling him deranged on stage — no doubt knowing that this was going to amp up the number of death threats that Jack Smith had. And yet, Republicans in the House and the Senate sit neatly by, quietly by, and continue to act like this is normal.”

The comments to which Scarborough referred in which Trump said he’d be coming after opponents of his were claimed by a spokesperson associated with the former president to actually refer to special interest groups and super PACs opposing the ex-commander-in-chief. Nonetheless, the context sparked concern from prosecutors, who subsequently sought a protective order that would restrict some of what Trump can say in relation to his criminal charges, which now include allegations directly stemming from his attempts to stay in power after the last presidential election.

Trump has not been charged for the comments he made spreading conspiracy theories. He’s been charged specifically in the context of planned conspiracies that were meant to support his ambitions — and while doing so, upend the transfer of power. And as for Republicans in general, Trump remains the front-runner in the GOP presidential primary and continues to enjoy the support of many Republicans in elected office, no matter his many charges. Watch “Morning Joe” below, as earlier spotlighted by Raw Story: