Massive Majority Of Americans Says No To GOP’s Core Agenda As 2024 Elections Approach


New polling released by CNN shows a solid majority of women below the age of 45 saying they not just disapprove but strongly disapprove of the decision from the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the national legal protections for abortion that had been previously been enshrined in the court’s decision from Roe v. Wade. That finding places those many young women across America directly at odds with many Republicans either already in office or pursuing elected office in upcoming contests.

The portion of women under 45 expressing their fervent opposition was 62 percent. Over one-third from the total also say that the court’s decision “has negatively affected them and their family,” CNN said. In general, most Americans also disapprove of the Supreme Court having overturned the national abortion protections, with disapproval at 64 percent. The polling was done in July.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), arguably a representative of the rising wing of the Republican Party, has been blunt in her opposition to abortion, refusing to even describe access to the procedure as a matter of health care, though abortion can sometimes be needed in medical emergencies. And trailing Trump in the 2024 Republican Party primary in the race for president is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has presided over multiple rounds of abortion restrictions in the southeastern state, which now has a six-week ban — meaning a block on accessing abortion, with limited exceptions, that takes effect at that point of pregnancy.

Around the country, Republicans have stuck closely by their policies targeting abortion. In Kentucky, a prominent defender of that state’s attempts at abortion restrictions, Attorney General Daniel Cameron, is currently running for governor, hoping to unseat Democratic incumbent Andy Beshear. The two recently both appeared at a high-profile event in the state, an annual barbecue in a locale called Fancy Farm, where the state’s GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell was drowned out with deafening jeers demanding that he retire.