Marjorie Taylor Greene Faces Public Call-Out As She Threatens Obstruction In Congress


Speaking to a crowd at a Wisconsin plant of the energy company Ingeteam, President Joe Biden on Tuesday called out Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) for missing his point behind some of the major policy initiatives from Democrats and the team at the White House.

That list has included a spending deal on infrastructure and a sweeping legislative initiative that Biden says has already helped spur hundreds of billions of dollars in private investment around fields like the manufacturing of semiconductors, which are technological components used in a wide variety of products. Some have characterized Biden’s infrastructure ambitions as prioritizing the so-called Green New Deal, a moniker for years-old environmental policy goals from some on the Left that have never been fully enacted.

And some Republicans in the House turned against the Chips and Science Act, which was behind the growth in the production of semiconductors, after the emergence of the budget reconciliation deal in the Senate called the Inflation Reduction Act, which was since also passed and made law.

“We got to stop the partisanship,” Biden told listeners. “We’ve got to stop this stuff. This legislation they opposed or attack is now the greatest thing to come to their states. You know, you have Marjorie Taylor Greene — you know, the very quiet lady from Georgia.  Well, she’s talked about, “What Biden is doing is what Roosevelt did and what Kennedy did and what…” — I thought, “Well, yeah.” But, look, folks, like I said: I made a commitment, because I knew this was going to happen. I knew what would happen is the folks who voted against these things — and we barely passed them, sometimes by one or two votes — when it came to their states, would claim credit. I want them to get credit. That’s okay. It’s okay, as long as they continue to support the things we’re doing.”

Greene, meanwhile, is still at it. “The Green New Deal is a communist manifesto for climate cultists,” she recently posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) among sentiments supposedly targeted by claimed opponents of free speech. She didn’t explain how that left-wing attempt to protect the environment was supposedly on par with totalitarian foreign regimes.