Most Americans Break With Donald And Acknowledge Recent U.S. Voting Was Secure


Recently released polling from the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research indicates that most Americans are simply not with former President Donald Trump when he makes his grand claims that he was the victim of widespread election fraud in the 2020 presidential race. The polling was completed August 14.

Even as he faces four criminal cases, two of which are related to his attempts to stay in power after that year’s presidential contest despite his documented loss to Joe Biden, Trump is sticking with the false claims about that year’s race. However, the AP-NORC polling found that 70 percent of overall respondents, who constituted simply adults in general, agreed that Biden was legitimately elected to the presidency. Only 28 percent argued otherwise.

These numbers also have ramifications for the potential success of Trump’s latest and ongoing run for president, because as he continues with that campaign, his false claims about the 2020 presidential race are a central focus of his. (Just check his feed on Truth Social to see the details.) However, it’s evident that these false allegations and debunked conspiracy theories are simply not positioned to resonate with most Americans. Effectively running for the White House on claims of a stolen election isn’t providing Trump with a clear path to success.

In the same AP-NORC numbers, most Americans said they didn’t even want Trump to run again for the presidency at all. (A full 69 percent said as much.) Though Trump characteristically claims otherwise, he’s also actually running close in line with Biden in polling that measures voters’ opinions around their expected 2020 rematch set for next year, though the remaining time means that complicating factors could stop that contest from actually materializing. Trump insists he’s leading by a lot, but polls show a mixed picture, in which the leading candidate repeatedly switches.