Judge Knocks Trump Team’s Claims About Jack Smith Amid Election Interference Case


Federal prosecutors have comprehensively prepared for a forthcoming trial of former President Donald Trump on criminal charges related to his attempts to stay in power after the last presidential election despite the documentation of his loss to now President Joe Biden.

During a Monday hearing in federal court before Judge Tanya Chutkan at which the trial date was under consideration, federal prosecutor Molly Gaston mentioned a “road map” to the government’s prosecution of the former president in this case that stretches close to 300 pages. “It also includes a file that is essentially an annotation of the indictment,” Gaston said, discussing what were termed key documents in the case amid what’s known as the discovery process. “And that is almost 300 different docs that are labeled and named according to the paragraph of the indictment they support. So it is essentially a road map to our case, you honor.” The quote was relayed by court reporter Brandi Buchman.

“The manner in which the discovery has been organized indicate the government has made a considerable effort to expedite review certainly beyond their normal obligations,” Chutkan subsequently said, also per Buchman. 

These details contrast with the characterization from the former president and allies of his of this and other cases against him as essentially constituting political targeting. Observers might expect that something based in a political vendetta would be prepared in a procedurally haphazard manner, which is simply not the case here. Despite Trump’s consistent claims of election interference because these overall four criminal cases have emerged during his ongoing campaign for president in 2024, there remains no substantial evidence that the charges against him have been procedurally handled in a fashion substantially different from the many other charges and cases that regularly emerge from the grand jury system in the United States. Those juries must provide their approval for such charges to be issued.

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