Trump Goon Peter Navarro Gets Into Tussle With Protester At Court Building


Peter Navarro, who served in the Trump administration and was part of the wide-ranging efforts after the last presidential election to secure another four years for the former president despite his loss to Joe Biden, is soon heading to trial.

That was the decision Wednesday of federal Judge Amit Mehta, who dismissed arguments insisting Trump had asserted executive privilege in circumstances relevant enough to derail the path to Navarro’s trial. He’s facing charges for having refused cooperation with the defunct House committee that investigated January 6.

Navarro also briefly engaged physically with a protester apparently outside the court building on Wednesday. The demonstrator was holding a sign aloft that read: “Trump lost (and you know it!).” Navarro, upon noticing it, lunged almost instantly for the poster board sporting the handwritten message. “Bro,” the protester said as Navarro tried to rip the sign from their hands. “You’re already facing charges. Go ahead and commit another crime.” The protester sounded rather restrained, it’s worth noting. Their argument appears to have worked on Navarro, who replied: “Yeah, yeah, I get it,” turning back around. Did he need to be reminded he was already facing criminal charges and that physically engaging with a stranger could lead to more legal exposure?

Navarro wasn’t the only Trump ally getting dismal (for them) legal news this Wednesday. Rudy Giuliani, charged in Georgia for his role in an allegedly criminal scheme targeting that state’s election results from 2020, will now also be standing trial to determine the level of financial damages in a defamation case from a mother-and-daughter duo of ex-election workers who were named in debunked conspiracy theories from Giuliani, Trump, and others about the 2020 race for president. A federal judge issued default judgment against Giuliani on Wednesday amid tumult surrounding his evident failures to comply with the discovery process, in which he was supposed to produce certain materials for the other side’s examination.