Many Americans Want Trump To Drop Out Of The Presidential Race, Data Reveals


Most Americans do not accept the continuing contentions from former President Donald Trump about supposedly wide-reaching election fraud in the 2020 presidential race, claims of misconduct that have been disproved over and over and over again.

New polling from YouGov and The Economist completed August 29 found roughly two-thirds of Americans agreed that Joe Biden was legitimately elected to the presidency in the 2020 contest. The exact portion saying so was 63 percent, while 37 percent of respondents went with the idea that the current president did not legitimately win the presidential contest that gave him his present governmental role. Such a scenario having actually transpired would have likely meant a conspiracy of simply staggering scope considering the number of people in critical positions whose involvement would be required, considering the many, many layers of review to which election results in the United States are ordinarily subjected. Nothing of the sort has ever been shown.

Two individuals named as supposed participants in fraud, former Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, recently scored a win in a defamation lawsuit they brought against Rudy Giuliani for his role in spreading deception about their actions in 2020. A federal judge issued a default judgment against Giuliani amid evidently continuing failures on his part to comply with obligations of the discovery process, during which parties to a case ordinarily produce and assemble variously relevant information and materials. Giuliani is now moving towards a trial where the specific level of financial damages to impose is expected to be determined, and a lawyer for Freeman and Moss already previewed a potential argument from their side for tens of millions of dollars in financial penalties.

Most Americans don’t want Trump running for president at all amid all of these developments, including his four criminal cases across the same number of jurisdictions. In the numbers from YouGov and The Economist, 57 percent said they do not want him to be running for president. The question wasn’t even phrased to include any reference to his dozens of felony charges.