Liz Cheney Asserts That Donald Trump Is Heading Towards A Major, Historical Defeat


Liz Cheney, the former Republican Congresswoman from Wyoming who became known for her opposition to ex-President Donald Trump over his deception about the 2020 presidential election, sharply condemned certain elements of her political party this Tuesday.

Cheney was responding on X, the platform formerly called Twitter, to an article about Russia’s Vladimir Putin having spoken in critical terms about the criminal prosecutions now facing Trump across various U.S. jurisdictions. Putin’s remarks were substantially similar to the line of argument consistently advanced by Trump himself, who alleges he is somehow the victim of political targeting. In reality, there’s no evidence his charges have been handled in a procedural manner substantially distinct from many other charges and cases.

“Putin has now officially endorsed the Putin-wing of the Republican Party,” Cheney said, clearly including the ex-president himself, who Putin was effectively favoring — even if tentatively. “Putin Republicans & their enablers will end up on the ash heap of history. Patriotic Americans in both parties who believe in the values of liberal democracy will make sure of it.”

Heading into the 2024 presidential election, it’s clear that — though Trump is expected by many to win the Republican presidential nomination — the ultimate outcome isn’t certain, which works in concerned Americans’ favor. In surveys measuring the reactions of voters to the potential of a rematch in 2024 between Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden, the two are often close. Polling does not show some kind of consistent lead for Trump, as the perpetually lying ex-president alleges. (Remember the media tallies of his individual deceptions from when he was still in office? Those numbers really got up there!) Democrats also already saw results in 2022 that were better than some expected. The party expanded its Senate majority and held governorships in key states, flipping other state-level roles like in Arizona.

And it remains the simple case that no evidence has ever, at any point, substantiated the claims from Donald Trump and others in his corner of widespread election fraud.